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Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry Faculty

Dentistry Faculty

Dentistry faculty at Dnipropetrovsk Medical University has well-advanced curriculum, highly educated teachers and sophisticated laboratories. Study of Dentistry course in DSMU is as per international standard of medical education with affordable fees.

This is the main reason that lots of students from various countries are come to DSMU to study Dentistry course. The duration of Dentistry course is about 5 years. During the course of study, students can undergo the basic medical and biological subjects with clinical disciplines that are needed for a Dentist.

After successful completion of study, the graduates are certified as Dentist. The degree awarded is BDS. At DSMU, there is a well-organized medical-ceramic laboratory for high frequency melting and casting of dentures. Also, there are special dental departments available for students in order to study actual problems of Dentistry like caries, paradonthosis and diseases of mucous membrane in the mouth cavity.

The preliminary task of dentistry faculty is to provide higher dentistry education and raising the number of doctors in dental training. At Dentistry faculty, students will get a methodological training for approaching professionals activity and development of habits for educational and research work.

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