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Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Dnipropetrovsk

  • Dnipropetrovsk is not a very expensive city.
  • You need 100 to 130 USD per month for normal student life.
  • The public transport in the city is very cheap.
  • In all of Ukraine, Internet and telephone are also very much affordable.
  • Eating outside on weekends, eating at restaurants, etc. can also be managed by the students in the above-mentioned amount.
  • Students can also enjoy pubs, cinema, and theatres as they are also not much expensive and can be managed in this amount twice or thrice a month.
  • Living in any part of Ukraine is much cheaper than living in any other parts of Europe.
  • The cost of living at Dnipropetrovsk is $400 per month and thus $4800 per year.
  • Eventually, the cost of living depends on an individual’s lifestyle.

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