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Accomodation & Hostels

Accomodation & Hostels of DSMA

  • All foreign students who receive an academic offer receive guaranteed accommodation.
  • It is important to consider whether you prefer an independent lifestyle or enjoy living in a student community as there are several accommodation options for the students.
  • Hostels are provided by the university for the students.
  • These hostels can accommodate nearly 2768 students within an area of 45422 sq.m.
  • Hostel numbers 1, 5 and 7 are reserved for foreign students.
  • The hostel buildings are modern and consist of rooms which can accommodate 2-3 students with necessary conveniences.
  • The academy has 7 hostels which are located in different regions of the city and thus they are connected by tramway, trolley-bus, and bus, etc. to the university.
  • For both study and relaxation, all the rooms are well-organized and furnished with a bed, a desk and a chair, provided with cold and hot running water, central heating, Internet access, and suitable lighting.
  • Officers of guard service protect the territory of the hostels.
  • From various shops and supermarkets around the hostel and the university campus, meals and provisions can be bought.
  • Each room in the hostel is attached to a kitchen where students can cook their own food.
  • Students’ canteens and cafes are also available on the territory of the academy.
  • Nearby apartments can provide you off-campus accommodation. These apartments and houses are furnished and vary in size, number of conveniences and cost.

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