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About Dnipropetrovsk

About Dnipropetrovsk city


Dnipropetrovsk’ city is located on Dnieper river. This city contains large industrial area of Ukraine. Above than 40% of industries are located in ‘Dnipropetrovsk’. The business city of Ukraine is ‘Dnipropetrovsk’. It is the major center for the steel industry. If you consider all necessary aspects of life then the city is highly developed by all those aspects.

The city has cold climate with severe winters and warm summers. In the month of May, the ‘Dnipropetrovsk’ city experiences its highest temperature as 36 degree celsius. Severe winters in the city show the temperature from -40 degree celsius to 0 degree celsius.

The rainfall is significant in the city. In ‘Dnipropetrovsk’, the Precipitation is lowest in the month of March and it reaches to its peak in June.

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy

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